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North Uist

North Uist is a dream location for many fly fishers from all over the world and brown trout, sea trout and salmon can be found here. 

The Uists have two main fishing bodies, the North Uist Estates and the North Uist Angling Club. Most of the lochs and rivers are under their management. Both organisations offer exceptional sea trout fishing, with a lot of this taking place in estuaries, and later in the season in lochs and rivers. 

The sea trout fishing in the Uists is thought to be the best in the country.

                                     Opens                Closes
Brown Trout              15th March           30th September
Sea Trout                 15th February       31st October
Salmon                     25th February       31st October

North Uist Angling Club Tel: 01876 580341 

North Uist Angling Club who have the rights to fish Newton and Balranald Estates along with Loch Scolpaig. Fishing on all lochs is exclusively  by fly and there is no Sunday fishing.

Fishing permits can be bought and boats can only be booked through the Clubs official outlet, The Westford Inn (Tel:- 01876 580653) during business hours of 11am-11pm.  The Inn is situated halfway between Clachan and Bayhead on the A865.

North Uist Estates Tel: 01876 50032

Estate Office, Isle Of North Uist HS6 5AA

Nearly all the fishing on North Uist is owned by the North Uist Estates Ltd., Lochmaddy, North Uist. The lochs of the estate can be fished by guests of the Lochmaddy Hotel. 

Around 150 lochs are available, some containing salmon and sea trout, and there is also excellent fishing on many sea pools, tidal waters which produce not only sea trout but also salmon.

South Uist

South Uist has some of the finest and most exceptional wild Brown Trout and Sea Trout fishing in Europe; plus, the bonus of the occasional Salmon. 

There are perhaps 800 lochs and lochans on the 2 islands (South Uist & Benbecula), all containing wild brown trout - but in very different numbers and of very different sizes - some contain a large head of small fish, others a smaller number of larger fish. In some of the lochs there are some real monster but these are very hard catch.

All fishing is by fly only, with the exception of the sea fords where spinning and bait is allowed.

The Season

Brown Trout  15th March – 30th September

Salmon & Sea Trout  1st July – 31st October

Estate Loch Bookings

Fishery manager John Steele co-ordinates the fishing of the machair lochs and allocation of boats, whilst reservations and requests for ghillies are made through contacting Sheena at our main office.
T: 01878 700101 E:

Lochs are allocated on a rota basis to give anglers a chance to sample the variety of lochs in the system.

Name of Loch

East Bee
Aili’s Loch
West Ollay
Mid Ollay
Upper Bornish
Upper Kildonan

Name of Loch

Howmore River
Upper Roag
Lower Kildonan


South Uist Angling Club Permits

Boat permits for the Angling Club boats can be purchased through the Stòras Uibhist office 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday.
T: 01878 700101 E:

Advance bookings for boat permits and fishing permits are welcome.

Fishing Permit Outlets:

Stòras Uibhist, 
HS8 5SS 
(01878 700101)

Uist Gifts & Info, 
HS8 5TH 
(01878 700777)

Post Office, 

HS8 5SS 

(01878 700300) 

Anglers Retreat, 

HS8 5QY 

(01870 610325)

Kilbride Campsite
HS8 5TT 
(07751 251522)

HS7 5LA 
(01870 602525)