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River Brora

The upper Brora is joined by the Blackwater at Balnacoil and together, they flow, as what is known as the upper river, the short distance to Loch Brora, from which the Lower Brora then flows the further three miles to the sea.

The lower Brora is divided into two beats, which fish well in the spring months, with as many as a hundred fish taken in February alone. The Brora also has good runs of summer and autumn fish.

The upper river can fish well, outdoing the lower river, for both salmon and sea trout from June onwards, given good water. Loch Brora can be fished from May onwards for salmon and sea trout.

Both loch and river are well renowned for sea trout, giving good sport in July. The first runs of sea trout arrive in May but generally run quickly into the upper river. There is a tidal stretch of half a mile which can be fished by visitors from May till the end of the season on 15th October.

Fishing permits available from Fishpal


Loch Hope

Loch Hope is a 6 mile long fresh water loch located 15 miles north-east of Altnaharra, via a stunning, little-used, single-track road. It is a famous sea-trout loch with the season running from June to September. The hotel has boats at South End and Middle Bay.

If you plan to fish at South End then it is advisable to take a ghillie with you. Motors are not permitted in this part of the loch and so knowledge of the waters and another pair of hands for rowing will come in handy!

Middle Bay is also known as Middle Bay Castle due to the belief that there is an underwater ruin in this location.  All parts of the local are famed for their sea-trout, salmon and wild brownies.

The Altnaharra Hotel has a number of boats on the loch, which may be hired by visiting anglers. The Ben Loyal Hotel also has a boat. A normal season might produce in excess of 500 sea trout with an average weight of two pounds.

Permits available through the Altnaharra Hotel


River Naver

The river Naver flows the eighteen miles from Loch Naver to enter the sea at Bettyhill It is a very private river. The lower beat, however, is reserved for the local angling club and a limited number of daily permits are available to visitors.

The fishing for sea trout can be excellent on the lower association beat of the river Naver. Fishing can also be had on Loch Naver and on the Rivers Mudale and Mallart. Spring salmon can be caught on the loch, mainly by trolling, with the peak of the season in April.

Enquiries should be directed to the Altnaharra hotel, who also own the fishing on the river Mudale, above Loch Naver.

Permits to fish on the river Naver can be purchased, on a first-come-first-served basis at The Store, Bettyhill, at a cost of around £20.


Sea Trout Fishing on the Kyle of Tongue

The Kyle of Tongue is a large shallow tidal sea loch, lying to the south of the Kyle of Tongue causeway. The main quarry is sea trout and a normal season will produce around 200 to 250 sea trout for the local angling club and its visitors.

The best of the fishing can be expected within two hours either side of low tide. For those with a bit of local knowledge, the sea trout fishing can be excellent. The angling club issues advice to visiting anglers with the permit, obtainable from the Ben Loyal Hotel at a very reasonable cost of £10 a day or £25 per week and £35 per year.

Permits available from the Tongue Angling Club for further information [;ease contact them through their Facebook page.


Sea Trout Fishing on Loch Stack and Loch More

Lochs Stack and More, at the head of the River Laxford, have long been among the best of Scotland's sea trout lochs. Fifty years ago, Loch Stack was regarded by many as the best in all of Scotland. Sadly, in common with other lochs and rivers in the north west, stocks of sea trout have declined dramatically in recent years.

Fishing is by fly, with dapping being popular on the deeper Loch More. The best of the fishing is from June onwards with sea trout averaging a pound and a half and salmon of around six or seven pounds. Boats may be hired from the Scourie Hotel, Scourie, Sutherland.