Scottish Flyfisher

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Craggan Fishery   
Craggan Farm
PH26 3NT

Tel: 01479 873283.

Whether you’re a regular fisherman, or fancy trying your hand for the first time, then Craggan Fishery – open from April to October – offers the best value and the most scenic setting in the Aviemore and Cairngorms area. Our purpose dug ponds cover an area of about 3 acres, and are set in the middle of our golf course, with fantastic views to the Cairngorms and the Cromdale hills.

With six ponds from which to choose, it is easy to find yourself a quiet corner where you can while away a few hours in peace and tranquility while trying to tempt one of our fish out of the water. We welcome all, from the complete beginner to the seasoned pro, on your own or in a group. Whilst primarily a fly fishery, we are happy for visitors to use whichever method they favour, be it spinning, float or of course fly. The ponds are stocked with rainbow trout at the beginning of April, and thereafter every few weeks through the season to ensure a that there are always plenty out there to try and catch. They tend to be partial to a diet of worms or sweetcorn, as well as flies. Our catch book is available to view and this shows catches mostly around the 3/4 to 1lb mark, up to 2lb.

A ticket costs £20, with no time limit – the fishery opens at 10am – other than when the fishery closes at 5.30pm. This allows you to catch and release as many as you’re able, and to keep one fish. No problem if you wish to keep more, with there just being an additional fee of £5 per fish. For avoidance of doubt, please note that our fishery is not ‘fishing in a bucket’, so we offer no guarantees that every fisherman will catch something, as this comes down to a combination of skill, conditions & luck on any given day.

Mill of Kellas Trout Fishery  
Mill of Kellas
IV30 8TS

Tel: 01343 890777


The Mill of Kellas Fishery has 3 different fishing lochs to choose from and is suitable for all levels of experience from family novices to expert anglers.

The fishery is stock frequently with high quality full tailed good fighting rainbow, blue and brown trout from Belhaven Trout Company.