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Airflo Ridge Clear Fly Lines

Are you looking for the ultimate in stealth fly lines then look no further. 

Having a line that totally blends in with its surroundings, Airflo’s range of Ridged Clear fly lines are the ultimate when it comes to tricky fish in clear water conditions.

The lines low optical density is very close to that of water, so just like the fluorocarbon tippet, these lines are almost invisible to fish.

All lines are 35yds long and you‘ll need it with the additional line speed that you can generate with the ultra slick Ridge coating – the ridges almost disappear when the line lands on the water – the reduced friction, combined with the original Delta taper allows for easy loading at short range and hero casts when you need them.

Available in floating and two intermediate sink rates (0.5” and 1.5” per sec) Airflo Ridge Clear fly lines offer the ultimate solution for top of the water fishing for spooky fish.

I have used the 8wt forward lines for well over a few years now and due to the invisibility of the line in the water the floating line is brilliant for presenting a small dry fly to the wily wild brown trout on the lochs in Scotland.  Due to the invisibility of the lines I have had too mark the lines with indelible ink about 15 feet from the tip of the line so that I know exactly the right distance of line left to lift for the next cast especially on the intermediate lines as I have been caught out a couple of times bringing too much line in before re-casting.

You can get the lines from any good fly fishing tackle shop.

Star Rating – 5*