Scottish Flyfisher

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River Spey

The river Spey is probably the most famous salmon river in the World. It is a fast flowing river, providing miles of perfect, and highly sought after, fly fishing water.

The best of the sea trout fishing within the river is to be found in the upper middle river, upstream of Grantown. The sea trout fishing can also be excellent on many of the lower beats but, perhaps understandably, the angler's sights are firmly fixed on the salmon, while the sea trout are largely overlooked.

There are a few angling associations where you can obtain fishing permits:-

Speymouth Angling Association has three kilometres of fishing in the very lower reaches of the Spey. Some of the pools hold fish from early season and there is always the chance of a very fresh Spey fish.

Fochabers Angling Association offer fishing on 1.3km of river immediately upstream of Speymouth Angling Association. The beat lies below the Gordon Castle Fishing and can provide excellent sport. Day tickets are limited and angling pressure is generally light.

Aberlour Angling Association offers great value fishing in the prime middle river. Included within its waters is the lower half of the Boat Pool, reputed to be one of the most dependable on the river. Considered to be best in high water conditions it can provide prolific catches.

Visitor Day permit: £30 to 01/04/22 then £45 from 01/04 to 30/09/22

Visitor Weekly Permit:   £150 to 01/04/22 then £225 from 01/04 to 30/04/22