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The Scottish Flyfisher Magazine

Welcome to the Scottish Flyfisher Magazine page, the quarterly fishing magazine dedicated to all aspects of fly fishing within Scotland., you can download for free all copies of the magazine.

Just click on the relevant months magazine cover and it will open up. You can either choose to download the PDF issue on the left and save it to your computer, 

or read the whole magazine from the website.

Hope you enjoy the magazine and would very much appreciate your feedback on it.

January 2021 Issue 

Page 4: Fly Fishing in Scotland’s Lochs and Lakes

Page 6: Edinburgh‘s Best Kept Secret

Page 7: Free Wild Loch Fishing 

Page 11: Fishing Loch Doon: 

Page 12: Brown Trout at Loch Leven

Page 13: Review Time

Page 16: Tackle Advice for Newcomers

Page 19: The Art of Casting

Page 22: Brown Trout ‘A Debate’ By Steve Cullen

Page 23: Nymph Fishing

Page 24 Tying the Pheasant Tail Nymph

Page 25: Understanding The Trouts Feeding Behaviour

Page 27: Staycation Time

Page 28: Club Time: 

Page 30:  Recipe Time: 

Page 31:  A Hidden Jewel in the Crown

Page 32: Fishing the River Almond

Page 33: Women in Fly Fishing by Iona Allan

Page 34: Fish Recognition

Page 36: Lady of the Stream

Page 38: Where to Fish for Grayling in Scotland

Page 40: Better use of Caddis Flies for Fly Fishing

Page 43: Rod Action Explained

Page 44: How to Handle Trout and Release Safely

Page 46: Morton Sunday League

Page 47: Fishing Permits – Scotland Rod Licences

Page 48: It Could Only Happen to a Fisherman

April 2021 Issue 

Page 4: Editors Blog 

Page 6: Teaching Children to Fly Fish 

Page 9: It’s Mayfly Mayhem Time 

Page 12: Fishing Lochs of the Sutherlands 

Page 14: Simba Rods 

Page 16: Bowden Springs Fishery 

Page 18: Outdoor Access 

Page 19: Tackle Review 

Page 21: Fishing Etiquette 

Page 24: Fishing a Sedge 

Page 25: Fly Tying 

Page 27: Fly Tying Time 

Page 31: Fly Fishing Safety and First Aid 

Page 32: Recipe of the Month 

Page 33: Fishing for Ferox Trout in Scotland’s Lochs 

Page 36: Fishing the Lake of Menteith 

Page 39: Fishing the River Teith 

Page 41: Wild Trout Fishing Loch Ness 

Page 43: Fishing the Great River Tweed 

Page 45: Gone Fishing

July 2021 Issue 

Page 3: The Editors Bit 
Page 4: Morton Fishings 
Page 6: Burnhouse Lochan Fishery 
Page 10: Donnay Mac Range of Flies 
Page 11: Float Tube Fishing 
Page 16: Millhall Reservoir 
Page 17: Rosslynlee Trout Fishery 
Page 19: Tackle Review 
Page 23: Glencorse Reservoir 
Page 24: Fly Tying Time 
Page 26: The Art of Buzzer Fishing 
Page 29: Staycation Time 
Page 32: Trout Fishing the Shetland Isles 
Page 36: Smoking Fish 
Page 46: Recipe of The Month 
Page 48: Coptic Trout

October 2021 Issue

Page 3: The Editors Bit

Page 4: Discarded leader Material

Page 6: Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Page 7: Sad News About Raith Lake Closing

Page 8: Tips for Beating the Winter Cold When on the Water

Page 11: Annbank Fishery

Page 12: Fishing the River Halladale

Page 14: Crunchers - The How and Why!

Page 17: Fishing the Fairy Lochs

Page 18: Working out which set up to use?

Page 19: Recipe of the Month

Page 20: Fishing the River Esk

Page 21: Invasive Chinese Mitten Crab

Page 23: The Fly Tier’s Guide to Organizing Your Fly-Tying Desk

Page 25: Tackle Review

Page 29: Tackle Bag Time

Page 31: Arctic Char in Scotland

Page 33: Staycation Time

Page 36: Jedforest Angling Association

Page 37: Smoking Fish Part 2

Page 45: Fishing Reports

January 2022 Issue

Page 3: The Editors Bit

Page 4: Fly Fishing for Beginners

Page 11: £6406.00 Raised for MacMillan Cancer Trust

Page 17: Winter Trout Fishing

Page 19: Black Loch Fishery

Page 20: The Trout Angling Club

Page 22: Dunlichity Trout Fishery

Page 23: The Gs parasite, what you need to know

Page 25: Filleting a Fish.

Page 26: Recipe of the Month

Page 27: Teaching Kids the Fine Art of Fly Tying

Page 28: Fly Tying Time

Page 31: Tackle Review

Page 35: Trout Fishing Around the World

Page 42: Fishing Reports

April 2022 Issue

Page 4: The Editors Bit

Page 5: Fly Fishing Rivers for Beginners

Page 11: Importance of Kick Sampling

Page 12: March Brown Time

Page 13: Fly Tying for Beginners

Page 18: Dry Fly Trout Fishing

Page 19: The Dangers of Boat Fishing

Page 21: Clubbiedean Trout Fishery

Page 22: The Donald MacDonald Memorial Day Competition 2022

Page 24: Have Your Say Here

Page 25: Staycation Time

Page 28: Recipe of the Month

Page 29: Fly Tying Time

Page 32: Tackle Review

Page 36: Strong Turnout for Salmon Film Premiere

Page 38: Fishing Reports

July 2022 Issue

Page 4: The Editors Bit

Page 6: Fishing Loch Awe

Page 7: Lochter Fishery

Page 8: Fishing the River Leven

Page 9: Trout Fishing St Mary’s Loch

Page 10: Haddockston Trout Fishery

Page 11: Scottish Ladies International Competition

Page 15: Fly Tying for Beginners Part 2

Page 17: Dry Fly Issues

Page 18: Recipe of the Month

Page 19: Fly Tying Time

Page 21: Tackle Review

Page 26: Fishing Reports

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