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Fly Tying

Venaird No 1 Rotary Vice

This is a well constructed vice with full rotary action and finished in polished brass and stainless steel.

It comes complete with a supplied bobbin cradle.

Excellent value individually boxed.

I have been using this vice now for just over 2 years and have found it ideal for all my fly tying, either from a small size 20 dry fly, buzzer and nymph right up to a full blown salmon fly or tube fly.

The rotary action on the vice is excellent and easily manoeuvred to any position when tying your flies and makes it easier for tying in those fussy little bits and pieces that make up a fly.

You can purchase the vice from either Veniard directly or through your local tackle dealer 

Star Rating – 5* 

Prolite LED Fly Tying Pro Lite with Magnifier

At last a great item for the keen fly tier. An LED fly tying lamp that is extremely bright and has a wide enough illumination angle for comfortable vision at the tying bench.  You can maneuver both the lamp and magnifier to the best position so that it does not impede you when tying the flies.

Comes complete with magnifier, base, and C-Clamp.

Features: High intensity lamp with magnifier 60 degree light cone; 140 lumens for plenty of illumination Heave vice base with built in storage tray Mounts to stand 3/8” vice stem C-Clamp for a bench mount.   The pure daylight illumination is great for tying your flies without getting any colour distortion when working.

You can obtain this great piece of work from most fly tying shops and websites around the world.

UK Price £99.99 US Price $105.99 

Star Rating - 5*