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Fishing Clothing

Hardwear Winter Boots

I bought these boots last year as they were on offer from my local online tackle store - Fishtec. The service from them was brilliant, very fast and very helpful.

So, to the boots, first impression was very good, well made and at a great price (£19.99) I've now worn them about 30 times throughout the year whilst out boat fishing on the great lochs of Scotland; standing on the edge of the river and fly fisheries on a wet cold day and can honestly say they are very very comfortable and extremely light to wear.  Plus they kept my feet dry and warm, which is a bonus at my age when my feet get cold the toes start to hurt like mad and very uncomfortable walking the banks. 

The main downside I found for the boots is the ankle support, with them being so light there isn't very much support due to the softness of the leggings and whilst not a huge problem for me they might be for some people. 

It was very cold last winter with some heavy snow falls and I used them for walking back and forth to work through the snow and found they gripped really well and kept my feet warm.  I did wear thicker winter socks during the colder snaps.  I would recommend that you purchase a size bigger if you want to wear really thick socks or two pairs of socks inside your boots.

You can obtain these boots from any good stockists. 

They should be £29.99 but you can get them from either Fishtec or from the Glasgow Angling Centre.  They might not be at the top end of the range and expensive, but they are well worth the investment. 

Star Rating - 5*
Greys GRXi Waders and Boots

I have been wearing these waders and boots for quite a year now and find them hard wearing and comfortable even after a long hard day tramping up and down the river bank/river bed.  They also keep you warm when standing in a fast flowing cold river at the start of the fishing season.

Even tramping over the various hills and mountains in Scotland to reach the various wild brown trout lochs with all my fishing gear I have found that you don’t feel all sticky with sweaty as you would with some other makes of waders, the sweat just wicks out through the fabric but still keeps you dry when fishing.

I would highly recommend these waders and boots to anyone, their not cheap but there again their not on the expensive side.  But one thing to remember when buying the boots, if you’re a size 9; get them 2-3 sizes bigger due to the thickness of the built in wader socks.   I’m a size 9 (UK sizes) in a normal shoe and found a size 12 boot was perfect.

You can obtain them through any reputable fly fishing tackle shop or on line.

Star Rating - 5*