Scottish Flyfisher

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Cast the First Fly - Flyfishing for Beginners

Ideal fly fishing book for beginners giving advise on all aspects of fly fishing. 

Fly fishing advice in laymens terms so that the beginner can understand the book and advice

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Fly Fishing Directory of Briatin & Ireland

Location of all Fisheries, Rivers, Lakes and lochs within Britain and Ireland with relevant information and contact details for each area.

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The Fly Fishermans Trout and Salmon Cookbook

100 delicious trout and salmon recipes for the discerning fly fisherman/woman

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To Smoke or Not To Smoke

How to smoke fish, beef, game and poultry at home using a home smoker

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The Bird Hunters Cookbook

Cooking game birds, quail, duck, pigeon and goose

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Pocket Book History of Fly Rods, Reels and Lines

A brief history of fly rod manufacturing and fly reels and lines, also how to make a fly rod

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A Delicate Taste Bud

75 delicious venison recipes to temp the most delicate taste bud

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