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Boat Engines

E-Thrust 55LB Boat Engine 

For those who fish smaller, intimate waterways or event large lochs and need to take a more stealthy approach to your fishing; the E-Thrust 55lb Engine is ideal: it‘s silent, doesn‘t wobble or vibrate and is highly portable (it weighs just 9.7 kilos or 21lb)  

Once you‘re clamped-on it‘s a simple matter of connecting to your 12 volt battery and twisting the accelerator. Off you go! If you‘re into technical details, check the spec below...

•SD - Silent Drive design for minimum disturbance  •PTP - Power Thrust Propeller for maximum power  •PSC - Power Saving Concept for all day performance  •AVC - Anti Vibration Construction  Specifications: •Peak Thrust: 55 lbs  •Power input: 12V,110amp (battery not included)  •LCD Monitor: 2 digit  •Bracket: Aluminium  •Quick-tilt gator, 7 settings  •360 degree steering: Yes  •Shaft: Stainless steel  •Weight: 9,7 kg - 21 lbs  •Handle: Telescopic  •Speed control: 5/2 (forward/reverse)  •Propeller: 3-blade  •The E-Thrust 55LB Boat Engine is ideal for: Bigger lakes and inshore saltwater  •Recommended boat size: Max. 3850 lbs/ 1750 kg

With the 5 forward and 2 reverse gears; I found this to be a great wee engine for keeping the boat in the catch zones up at the Lake of Menteith and Linlithgow Loch, there was no noise or disturbance as I would normally have with a petrol engine.   All I had to do was give the engine a slight shunt either forwards or backwards to keep in the hotspots.

Only slight issue I had with the engine was the length of the aluminium column; you couldn‘t shorten it for stacking away in the car, I had to fold one of the back seats down to get it in along with the battery and all my usual fly fishing gear (which I must admit can be a bit toooooo much at times).  

You can obtain the engine from any good online tackle store I got mine from Fishtec 

Star Rating - 5*