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Argyle & Bute

Ardtornish Estate Co Ltd
Estate Co Ltd, 
Oban PA80 5UZ

Tel: 01967 421288

Ardtornish Estate is incredibly fortunate to have salmon and sea trout fishing on the River Aline, an especially beautiful west coast spate river.  Running into Loch Aline itself, the River Aline is the route that many salmon take year after year to reach their spawning grounds in the higher estate.

This season, 2020′, the river will not be split into different beats. It will instead be open to a maximum of 6 rods per day.

The cost for fishing this season will be £20.00 per rod per day and £80.00 per rod per week

There is strictly no Sunday fishing on the River Aline.

All salmon and sea trout catches are strictly catch and release only.

River Etiquette:

  • If someone is fishing a pool or short stretch of water, never enter the pool, or stretch of water below your fellow angler.
  • When fishing a pool and a fellow angler is waiting to fish, standard practice would be – “cast, 2 steps, cast, 2 steps, cast…..”
  • Common sense is as always expected, and as a basic standard, always be polite with your fellow anglers.

All fishing must be booked in advance and is by fly only (spinning, bait fishing or lead weights are not permitted). Popular patterns for the Aline include Ally’s Shrimp, Cascade and Silver Stoat’s Tail.

Important Information
All fishing is by fly only and must be booked in advance. We don’t permit spinning, bait fishing or lead weights.
All salmon and sea-trout fishing is catch and release.
A return must be made for all catches.