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Discarded Leader Materials and Hooks

Posted by on May 9, 2020 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)
I had a walk around my local fly fishery the other day with my dog to get some fresh air and exercise as the local park is now a melting pot with everyone being out and about, you wouldn't think we were in lockdown and isolation from others. During our walk and the dog running about like a Lonnie Toon really enjoying his freedom, he came back to me shaking his left rear leg and very agitated. Upon checking him I noticed some idiot had discarded their leader material with 2 hooks still attached to the line wrapped around his leg. Luckily the hooks had not been imbedded into either his paw or leg which could have been painful for him and costing me a fortune in vets fees to get them removed. I would be grateful if everyone when finished their days enjoyment fishing to dispose of their leader material safely in the bins provided around the fisheries or take it away with you and not just dumped on the ground.

Closed Fisheries

Posted by on May 1, 2020 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)
I have been hearing a lot lately about name calling and abusive language amongst the local fly fisheries here in Scotland against other fisheries regarding opening up their fisheries, or doing work on their fisheries during lockdown. I feel it is ridiculous the fighting that is going on, all trout fisheries within Scotland should be sticking together and backing each other up instead of running each other down, you are all in the same boat regarding lockdown and closures until we hear from government that you can all open again. Fishing is an isolation sport at the best of times, whether your on a river, a loch or at a fishery as there is plenty of space between the fishers, whether it's in a boat; on a river bank or from a platform, there is more than the recommended 2 meter spacing required by legislation for distancing yourself from others. Like I said stick together and pool your resources in putting a case forward to the government as to why the fishing within Scotland should open again. .


Posted by on April 1, 2020 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Hi everyone With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus it is a nightmare being self isolated on my own and unable to even get out and wet a line and meet my fishing buddies. Stay safe and see you all again when it clears up and we can get out on the water again. The fish will be missing us also lol

Welcome to the Scottish Flyfisher

Posted by on March 30, 2020 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)
Welcome to the Scottish Flyfisher website and the new Blog page. You can let everyone know about your fishing experiences on the fisheries listed on the site and any other fly fishing stories you would like to share.